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CUTE GREEN HOME - The Ultimate Green Home Kit
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Cute Green Home

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Welcome to  Cute Green Home.
Cute Green Home is the innovator and provider of the only complete green home kit, based on SIP, the Cute Green Home

Cute Green Home kits are a green building system, which is energy efficient, expandable, and a cost competitive small
SIP Home .
CGH Home Kits are the most energy efficient green home kits available on the market!

What is a Cute Green Home?
A Cute Green Home, "CGH"  is a small green kit home sold in 8' wide by 17' 1" long units,
called CGH platforms, each giving 136.67 square feet of living space.
Each CGH unit is designed to be easily assembled and allow easy expansion upgrades. 
Various models using the 17' x 8' basic platform footprint are offered.
Expanded platform widths of 10' are also available.  Custom CGH models and kits are also available.

Why choose a Cute Green Home?

CGH = energy efficient, quick and easy to build If you need a quick build of an energy efficient, low cost, custom home, without the stigma of a manufactured home, turn-key, in 2 months or less, the CGH is the answer. Each section of the CGH is designed to be placed on a permanent foundation. Engineering for the specific site (i.e. wind shear, seismic, soil loading) should be done and the home should be permitted, as necessary, through the building department. Several models of the CGH are available in the CGH Floor Plans page. The design is done so that each section can be ordered as a kit home, then built at the site onto a permanent foundation.  The CGH has a 6-1/2" SIP floor, and 6-1/2" SIP wall system.  The roof system is a flat 8-1/4" SIP, with a stick framed rafter over it, to get the pitch. Easy to understand complete construction drawings for each CGH are supplied.  Each CGH will be engineered, with construction drawings that can be submitted to the building department, so the home can be permitted.

The truss rafter pitched roof system is open to allow for electric, PEX, and HVAC. The CGH units need to be placed on a raised foundation for septic and PEX water runs. There will need to be correspondence with the building department to get them to understand how the house kit will be delivered, and how inspections can be done. The SIP process is an accepted building material, and the CGH is considered a standard construction home.

Each CGH design is done with future expansion possibilities taken into account.  All doors, windows, sliders, sidings, trims, and even deck portions are planned to be re-used in each expansion phase.
Pricing for CGH will vary, depending on location and options chosen.
At present the CGH-F, an 820 square foot, 3 bedroom Cute Green Home, can be offered for around $ 70,000.

By utilizing our SIP System we provide the most modern, maintenance free, energy efficient building systems on the market today with up-to-date alternative energy systems in solar, wind and other power systems. CGH offerings in the future will be with solar systems.

If the CGH is not quite what you are looking for, but you want to stay green, Green Sense Builder offers a variety of individual services from design conception to complete SIP Home Packages.  We pride ourselves in the fact that our clients are completely satisfied with our personalized service and commitment to excellence. Every one of our homes qualifies to go through the Energy Star Program and can be rated upon completion for the Energy Star "Seal of Approval"

The CGH and our SIP Systems do not require highly skilled tradespeople to erect it. 
The CGH and SIP system allows the contractor or owner builder to complete the project in
less time than a conventional stick-frame building system.


  A very easy to build green home kit, with options providing the purchaser everything they want to finish the complete project.

  The design approach for the CGH is as a basic building module, called a platform, eight foot in width and seventeen feet in length. 
  The 17 foot by 8 foot building module footprint is used for all portions of the home, providing a repetitive construction process.
  Each home is designed so other building modules can be added to it when future expansion is needed.

  Present designs offer from 137 sq ft, up to 820 sq ft. The 820 sq ft  CGH-3 has 3 bedrooms, a full bath, a full kitchen and a great room.

American Made - as many North American products are used in the CGH as economically feasible
A totally green home kit with Structural Insulated Panel “SIP” floor, walls, and roof.                 
SIP walls are R25, SIP floor is R25, and SIP roof is R33
  All building components of the CGH are pre-cut in the factory and ready for field assembly
  There is very little on-site waste generated in the building process
Windows provided with the CGH kit are Sierra Pacific, a certified green window provider                
               with Douglas Fir stain grade wood interior from their sustainable forest
  Each CGH is designed to use a Biolet composting toilet (although standard systems can be substituted)
  A 2,000 watt solar system is available for each CGH (as an option)
  Energy efficient hydronic electric wall base heaters are used
  An energy efficient air conditioning system is designed to be placed in the CGH roof rafter system
  All water lines on the CGH are PEX, with all lead free fixtures
  A gray water system is designed for the shower and sink waste water
A ten year warranty on all items sold is provided with the CGH kit  (an optional 20 year warranty can be purchased)



The CGH will be sold through franchise owners that are trained in all aspects of the CGH installation and support.  Franchise owners will provide sales, installation, and warranty support for all CGH in their area.


Design and Manufacturing Center for Cute Green Home
12661 Idlewild Drive                                          
Grass Valley, CA  95949                                                            

Sales:  (530) 370-7743  

Please visit for information on the Custom Green Building Design of Single Family Residences utilizing SIP.



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